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License plate art showcases its reflective qualities

Music TributePeter GeigerComment

I recently created a piece of license plate art for a client from Germany who lives in Florida. He saw some of my work at a local Red Robin restaurant. He found me on the internet and ordered the Blues Brothers "On a Mission" piece. In the daylight it looks like this.

I always contact my clients after I ship their artwork to see how what they think. He told me he found a great spot to hang it and sent me this photo with a note that said, " we got this wonderful guitar and found a great place for it."

I was amazed at how well he caught the reflective qualities of the tags. Most clients don't know they are getting two pieces of art in one. The photo, above, shows the license plate art's normal reflection with general lighting. When it plcks up the light in a certain way, the reflective qualities of the license plates kick in and it changes, as you can see from this photo.


Thank you, Carsten, from sending it along.

Kenny Chesney license plate guitar

Custom Work, Music Tribute, AcousticPeter GeigerComment

Kenny Chesney has always been a favorite of mine, so I was thrilled when a client asked me to create a license plate guitar featuring his favorite Kenny Chesney songs. I chose the acoustic model because I often see Chesney playing it at his concerts. And it has the most room to feature the song titles my client wanted. 


License plate art

My client asked me to feature Flora Bama, Ivans , The Life and Boats. The last one appears on the side. I also added How Forever Feels because it's a favorite of mine. Palm trees, dophins, and the FL "One Happy Island" saying gives it a real, no shoes, no shirt' kinda feel. 

Guitar Art Reflects Passions of Restaurant Owner and Patrons

Custom Work, Acoustic, Music Tribute, Sports TributePeter GeigerComment

My client, Justin, owns several popular restaurants in Montana. He wanted 4 custom license plate guitars to represent the passions his patrons. Justin is a big Toby Keith fan so we had our first piece set.

Toby Keith

Than he stated he wanted to represent all the college students who come to the restaurant. The Cat Griz football guitar was born.

Cat Griz Football art

For the next piece, his employees came up with the idea to have all the high school teams from Billings Montana displayed around the outside body with the Billings logo in the center hole bringing them all together.

Billings Montana

The last piece is an acoustic style that pays tribute to the Yellowstone River, one of the great fly-fishing spots in Montana. The colors on this piece are amazing - almost as beautiful as this state.

Yellowstone River

I would like to personally thank Justin and all of his employees who helped to make this beautiful collection of Montana-themed license plate guitars possible.

You and Me - Dave Matthews = Friendship

Acoustic, Custom Work, Music TributePeter GeigerComment

This License Plate Guitar Art tells the story of friendship.

When I first spoke to Bob he told me he wanted a piece that would showcase his personal connection with one of his clients. They had been to a Dave Matthews concert at the Alpine Valley in Wisconsin.

"That's where we really started connecting as friends, and it remains one of the strongest connectors we have," Bob said. It always comes back to music with us."

With Bob’s input, I added his client's personal information to create an amazing personalized gift.

What makes this guitar art special is its features:

  • Where they met in Maine.
  • Their wedding date and their children’s names.
  • The states they've lived in are featured on the body.
  • Around the right side are some of their favorite Dave Matthews songs, "41," "You and Me."

Thanks Bob for helping create this amazing gift.

Personalized Gift
You and Me- Dave Matthews