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License Plate Art

ArtPrize Host for License Plate Art

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My ArtPrize Host

My host, Robin Kaufman, has been incredibly gracious and generous. She opened up her home to me so I can stay in Grand Rapids during this weeks-long art exhibit. As a stranger in a strange town, I didn’t know where to go or how to get anywhere. She and her friends took me to Lake Michigan, we bonded while watching football on TV, and enjoyed dinner at some local restaurants. She has really been instrumental in helping me acclimate to Grand Rapids while I’m here on my own and missing my family.

Guitar Art at Rockwell Republic

Robin also brought her friends to see my license plate art at Rockwell Republic the night before ArtPrize10 started.

ArtPrize Education

Being here has been such an education. I attended a few of the artist week series that took place at the ArtPrize club house, and learned a lot about how to protect artwork from the session called Legal Tools for Artists that was hosted by hosted by Joe Voss in cooperation with the Michigan State University College of Law. I l learned about intellectual property, copyright issues and how to protect you work. They’re all things artists need to know about but never think about until it’s too late.

Meeting Other Artists, and Great People

I’ve met some great people through ArtPrize and by hanging out at Rockwell Republic with my license plate art exhibit. ArtPrize did a great job of bringing the artists together for a party before the show opened. Once it opened, I’ve been meeting people who come into the restaurant to see the exhibit. It’s been a terrific experience.