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Eric Clapton license plate art goes home

Peter GeigerComment

I just returned from doing the St. Stephen's Art show in Coconut Grove Miami. The show was packed, and I met a lot of interesting people there.

Hover, my most memorable experience was a client who came into my booth during the weekend, then called me up as I was driving home to purchase this Eric Clapton piece. When I asked him where I should ship it, he told me the address: 461 Ocean Blvd!!!!

That stopped me in my tracks. Anybody who knows Eric Clapton and his albums knows that the 461 Ocean Blvd. album is probably one of his best.

The gentleman told me his family purchased Eric Clapton's house a few years back and have really enjoyed it. He purchased my Eric Clapton artwork because he felt that it was a really great representation of Eric and his work and it should stay with that home. 

This is why I love being an artist. I love having these experiences and meeting some amazing people. Everyone has a story to tell.